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During the past 09 years of experience, partnering with high profiled clients, government and parastatals has taught us to put our clients first and to understand its culture, needs and expectations.

We realise that every business has different cleaning requirements. Some businesses may need commercial cleaning every hour of every day, while others will need a brief clean each morning.

That is why we can fully customise a commercial cleaning package for your business. We can even clean after your business hours so as not to disturb your customers and employees during operating hours.

As an SMME fully black owned company, being LED by one of the hard-working young women of South Africa. We had a great rate of success in delivering first class customer services.

We believe that anything is possible – success in business is attainable. Hence, we always strive to become one of the best cleaning services and supplier of PPE and cleaning material company rather than the biggest.

We are a 100% fully black owned SMME company. The Company was initiated from the backgrounds, support, knowledge and experience to formulate the most efficient service provider.

All our commercial cleaning work is performed by skilled cleaning staff with onsite supervision and management. Our commercial cleaning service includes office and business cleaning which comprises routine cleaning of floors, tiles, ceilings, carpets, kitchen, bathrooms and all other cleaning your business may require.

If it needs cleaning we can assist you With our commercial cleaning service we use our own cleaning equipment and provide materials such as liquid soap, cleaning
detergents, paper towels and toilet paper. The plan is to ensure that our clients get a 100% total facility management required from us.

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